DISH Satellite TV FAQs

Thanks for visiting our DISH TV Frequently Asked Questions page. We want to make sure we cover all your potential questions so that you may have the most seamless DISH experience. If you do not find the information you are seeking at this page, please call the toll free number above to speak with a knowledgeable representative who can help answer all your questions.

Programming & Channel Packages:

What local channels are available in my area? [+]
Local channels are available in over 210 local network markets, which represents 100% percent of U.S. homes with televisions. Visit our DISH local channels page to see what local channels you’ll receive.
What channels are available in each programming package?[+]
To compare all channels available in each of our main channel packages, please visit our DISH TV Package Comparison Guide
What package includes the channel I want to receive? [+]
The quickest way to see what package includes the channel you are looking for is by viewing our DISH Package Comparison Guide
How do I know if I can get local channels? [+]
Since DISH now has local channel coverage in 100% of markets nationwide, you should be getting all of your local channels. You can easily review your local channels by visiting our DISH local channels page
Do we need an antenna for local channels?[+]
No. You will only need the standard satellite dish that comes with your installation.
Where can I get a list of all international and foreign language channels?[+]
Please visit our DISH international programming page to see what foreign language channels are available.
Can I get only international programming? [+]
What you can do to order an international package is choose a basic package first. Basic packages can be any qualifying American package, Latino package, International Basic or Chinese Basic package. Additionally, many of these programming packages qualify for the same special offers as America's Top programming package.
What Spanish language programming is available? [+]
A wide choice of Spanish language programming packages are offered. These include:
DishLATINO Dos – An excellent value with a total of around 230 Spanish and English-language channels to enjoy without breaking the bank. - view channels

DishLATINO Max – This is for the true lover of Spanish and English-language programming! Topping the charts at 255 digital channels, you'll never have a dull moment with this package. - view channels
Can I substitute one channel for another in my channel package? [+]
At this time we have a limited number of channels that can be added to a channel package from our a la carte channel menu. Also, at any time you are able to upgrade or downgrade your channel packages. Subscribing to a value package such as America's Top 200 or America's Top 250 will ensure you watch the full breadth of channels that are important to you.
Can I block certain channels from being available on my TV? [+]
Yes. Our receivers are equipped with a “Parental Locker” feature to block selected channels from being able to be viewed. Visit our parental controls page for more information.


Is there a contract for the DISH TV service? [+]
There is no required contract for the DISH service but if you signup for a 24 month contract, with qualifying programming the initial $99.00 activation fee will be waived.
What will my monthly bill be for hooking up 1-6 TVs? [+]
This answer can easily be calculated using our DISH Bill Calculator
Is there an additional charge to get local channels? [+]
Local channels are included in most core programming packages.
What specials are you running now?[+] guarantees to have the lowest prices on DISH TV programming. You can quickly review all current special offers by visiting our DISH special offers page
What is the total monthly cost for the programming package I want, equipment and installation? [+]
You can easily calculate your monthly cost for any combination of equipment and programming by using our easy DISH monthly cost calculator
After the initial promotional period, what will my monthly bill be?[+]
The DISH TV monthly cost calculator shows what your monthly costs will be during the promotional period and also the costs of your programming after the introductory period.
What will it cost to add an additional television to my package? [+]
Depending on what type of receiver(s) are needed for your system, there may or may not be an additional cost. For example, if you want to connect two TVs using one standard dual room receiver, there is no additional cost. The simplest way to see if you will have an additional cost to add another TV to your service is to use our DISH monthly cost calculator
Is the cost of the receiver and DVR included in my monthly fee? [+]
For all standard installations the cost of the receiver is included. Special receiver configurations may incur an additional monthly fee. To calculate your monthly costs, try our monthly cost calculator
Do I pay the same monthly service price if I have more than one TV setup?[+]
In most instances, yes. You pay only one price for your channel packages no matter how many TVs are connected to your system. There may be an additional cost for multiple receivers depending on your system configuration. Subscribers with a High Definition receiver model 211, 222, 612 or 722 will incur a $7.00 per month per receiver HD enabling fee unless subscribed to any HD value packs. Our monthly cost calculator can tell you if you will incur additional costs for additional receivers.
What is the minimum I can pay each month for service?[+]
This depends on what channels you want to receive. Our lowest priced channel package is DishMexico for $19.99 per month then DISH America for $24.99 per month. Try our DISH monthly cost calculator to find the actual cost of the channels you select.
Do I need a credit card to subscribe to DISH TV? [+]
There are credit requirements to qualify for select DISH promotions, but not all of them. A credit card is not needed for monthly payments, though. DISH still accepts check by mail. Another alternative would be to use your debit card to make payments. It is recommended, however, that you set up Autopay and/or paperless billing for the added convenience.
Why do I need to give out my social security number? [+]
A social security number is needed because with each professional installation, the average value of equipment is around $1,200. This is part of the reason for the credit qualification. We understand that you may not be comfortable giving out your social security number but you can be assured that when you are purchasing satellite TV service from a reputable company like DISH, you have the security of purchasing from a company that has been in business for over 10 years, has over 12 million customers and is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.
Do you have a retail store where I can speak with a live person? [+]
We do not have a retail store but we do have 400+ sales associates available to take your call twenty-four hours a day, including Sundays! Please call us at 866-951-8912 anytime to get more specific information about DISH.


How long does installation take? [+]
Installation time varies depending on the number of TVs that are installed but a general rule of thumb is two TV installations are complete in approximately 1 1/2 hours and four TVs can be installed in 2 hours.
How soon can my DISH be installed? [+]
Most installations can be complete in 48 hours from the time of ordering, and if local installers are available in your area you may be installed in as little as 24 hrs. Please call us at 866-951-8912 to inquire when your DISH TV can be
Will wiring be installed in my house just like the cable company does? [+]
Yes. Most installations will be completed with new, high quality cabling for the clearest digital picture on your TV.
Can my service be installed using my existing cable jack outlets in my wall?[+]
If your existing cable jack outlet is of sufficient quality, our installers may be able to provide DISH service through it.


Can I watch separate programming on two TVs with a single DISH TV receiver? [+]
Yes. You can order a dual-room receiver that can provide programming to two televisions at once and different channels can be watched on each separate television. The receivers that are capable of this are the DISH 322, DISH DVR 625 and the DISH DVR 722.
Can I have a receiver that supports picture-in-picture (PIP)? [+]
Yes. Our following receivers support (PIP); the DISH 625 and the DISH 722. Most receivers feature PIP in addition to an abundance of additional features you can read all about at our DISH Equipment page